Tuesday, 7 October 2014


September 25th to 29th

+650 km

As you see, we didn't cycle that much in Switzerland. In fact, it was more a relaxing time with friends than anything else. We arrived at Oberwil in the Basel's suburb where live Youko and Fabienne around 3 PM. We have 2 hours to drink our daily beers, in a small bar beside the COOP supermarket and have the first glance of this country. And it was to notice that people were very much into casual and sports wear, and to confirm what we all know: it's a damn expensive country!!!! That's why a lot of people cross the border and go shopping either in France or in Germany.

Fabienne and Youko have one of the most lovely apartments that we ever saw: nice volume, clean and clear, well designed, a lovely balcony and a wonderful top roof garden - a paradise for aperitif. For those who don't know our friends, I met Fabienne and Youko at my Chinese class some 9 years ago. And unlike what everybody may think, Youko is not a Japanese girl but an almost 2 meter high blond guy with blue eyes, half British, half Dutch!!! 

                                                  (Photo: Fabienne)

We were all happy to get together again after more than a year. And Alessio was happy to be able to do his cooking in a real well-equipped kitchen. Of course, we let him do :-) The next day, Laura, Fabienne's cousin joined us from Geneva than we all went to Zurich, first for the Pumpkin's festival (!!!!) than to Timo (Youko's brother) and Djana's lovely house. Their kitchen was even better equipped (and Alessio was even happier hahaha).

Zurich is a lovely Milan-like fashion city that made us feel even more aware of our "rolling potatoes" mode!!! We did some window - shopping (in France, we call it "leche-vitrine" or "window-licking" !!!) but the prices discouraged us quite quickly :)

We left Switzerland the next Monday 29th September to Laufenburg in Germany. Let's spend some Euros instead of those Swiss Francs!!!!!

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