Friday, 17 October 2014

Deutschland part 2 - Munich

Friday Oct 10

After 2h30 of bus ride (which costed us 8E each!) we arrived to Munich at 2PM. H.A, our friend lives in the suburb so we decided to walk around, enjoying the city and the daylight. Without any map, we just strolled about, fixing some church's towers. That lead us at first, via the Oktoberfest's pavillon, fortunately empty as we arrived at the end of the crazy event. 

Just behind it was Saint Paul church, a beautiful monument with pure lines, also empty because of restoration works in progress. 

We saw some offerings of fruits and veggies in front of the altar, apparently an old german tradition.

H.A joined us for a walk in the busy quartier of MARIENPLATZ. 

Then, of course, event if we don't fancy Oktoberfest, we sit for a famous Augustiner Keller in the garden nearby

The evening, we went to H.A's place and we all started to prepare for dinner (well, most works are done by Alessio and H.A, I confessed, cooking is really not my thing...). For once since we started the journey, Alessio has the chance to eat some of his favorite Vietnamese stuffs: sticky rice and lap xuong, the famous sweet saucisse :-). And we have our chance to taste a wonderful chicken with curry sauce. I should have taken some pictures (sigh)

Saturday Oct 11

Alessio had his second chance to have a typical Vietnamese meal (which I scarcely ever gave him). Thanks H.A a lot for that :-) :-)

Then again, we moved to town, visiting the tragically famous 72' Olympic park. The weather was so-so and H.A predicted the sunny weather for the next day, when we would leave (which is confirmed!!!!) It was pleasant anyway to see interesting structures (it should have been such a technical exploit 42 years ago when it was built ), lovely green landscapes. Munich is not the most beautiful city we've ever been to but it seems quite nice to live in. 

And do you know how to make a man happy? Put him in a car exhibition!!!!

Then we paid a visit to an open air market in the center of Munich, without buying a thing because it's simply too expensive :-) So, it was with what we quickly found in the supermarket that we had the second dinner, a healthy one with tons of different veggies and salmon (I should have taken some pictures (sigh bis)).

Sunday Oct 12

As predicted, the sun came out when we left! We could take advantage of some sunlight at the bus station, having breakfast with Laura, an Alessio's friend who was too sick and busy to see us during our quick stay.

The Flexibus left at 10:40 AM. We were too slow to get the front seats in the second floor (grrrrrr). In some hours, we will be in Vienna, playing the tourists for some more days.

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