Thursday, 9 October 2014

Deutschland part 1

September 29th to October 4th
We didn't have to cycle very far but some 53km from Oberwil to Laufenburg, a small town at the Switzerland-Germany border, by the Rhin river.

Here we visit Paul, a German friend that Alessio had encountered 4 years ago in Argentina (but a few days before we met in Peru).

Paul, 76, a year younger than my father, is still in perfect shape. And a perfect gentleman. Former director of Krefeld zoo (Germany) he is a passionate of nature, wild life but also history and culture. With him, we went for some walks into the Black Forest (you know, Hansel, Gretel and the witches!!! Brrrr!!!!), to Freiburg and learnt so much from him.

In Freiburg, the capital of the Black Forest region, we could not resist but to threw ourselves onto this, the original Schwarzwälder kirschtorte

 We had an easy relaxing time in Laufenburg: no tent to set up, no sleeping bag but cosy bed and warm blankets, no fire camp but good meals, good wine in good company.  We really enjoyed all these 5 days spent with him and it was with a pinch at heart that we left, on saturday October 4th.

We didn't really cycle in Germany but just crossed the bridge to bein Switzerland again: It is a damn expensive country but they have wonderful cycling path :-) :-)

But then, we went back to Germany again after some cycling hours: all the cycling path lead to Konstanz town, in the middle of the famous Konstanz lake, just a little time to have a glance then back to Switzerland again :-)

We did enjoy this town with its quiet church and beautiful doors with wood carving

and the perfect place to sip a beer under the sun

To be continued :-) 

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