Friday, 25 April 2014

Potatoes story

We are a couple of Potatoes: Alessio, aka Potato A (a charming Italian but-not-so -italian guy) and Binh aka Potato B (a GORGEOUS AND VOLUPTUOUS, well, no, rather sweet though a bit clumsy French-Vietnamese girl), living in Bagneux, a small quiet town in Parisian south suburb. 

Since we met in january 2011, we've cherished a dream about rolling around the world together. 

And now, the time has come: we drop everything here, take our bicycles and roll back to Vietnam.


No, in fact, we start rolling in September. You can still find us here in the City of Light till end of May. After that, from June to September, Potato A will bring his bike to Vancouver and attend some intensive English class. Meanwhile, Potato B will be backpacking around Mexico and Central America. She supposes that seeing Yucatan, swimming in the Caribbean sea, hiking in the Costa Rican mountains…. should be slightly more fun than sitting the whole day in a classroom.
What do you think?

- Then, why the name "Rolling Potatoes"?

Hm. Potato is in reality Binh's nickname by Alessio. So he just got what he invented :-)

And is also a wink at my "Couch Potato" friends ;)

What? You said "Ze Stones?" Hm, interesting, I never thought of that :-)

So, this is it! We will try to keep you updated during our journey. First, in Central America, then, when we will hit the road to Vietnam.
Let's stay in touch!!!

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